Tips for Expats in Italy

Relocate to Italy

I have been looking for information related to the visa, accommodation, income, expense, benefits, etc but was never able to get the right information. So, this frustration made me come up with this lengthy post.


Cost of Living in Italy

As a thumb rule, you can assume it to be around 20-25% of your income. In order to clearly understand the cost of living in Italy, it will be easy if we could break up these expenses into Annual and monthly expenses.

Public Transport in Milan

Moving around in Milan, or anywhere in Europe could be expensive if you are not familiar with the public transport in respective cities you visit.

You will end up shelling a lot of money for the Taxi if not having a good understanding of the public transports of the city you visit.

Guide to Win Italian Driver’s License

If you want to explore the beautiful Italian village and towns, then you definitely need a car. If you are those who came from the other countries in EU, you are lucky. You can simply exchange your license for the Italian one. If not, this post will help you to get one easily.

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