Expat Life in Italy

Are you wondering about the expat life in Italy? Are you thinking about moving to Italy? Are you already in Italy, and searching for making the ends meet? Do you want to know the cost of living in Italy?

I can understand because I have exactly been there & done that.

Before my relocation to Italy, I too have been looking for information related to the visa, accommodation, income, expense, benefits, etc but was never able to get the right information. At some point, it did make me go frustrated. That was when I decided to consolidate my experience, and come up with articles to help others.

Now, it is almost 7 years in Italy. I have done detailed research about the various aspects and life of a foreigner in Italy. The pros and cons of a expatriate life in Italy. So, go ahead, and enjoy the fruits of all this research and the first-hand experience of mine.

First and foremost, if you are outside Italy, and looking to relocate to Italy, read my article to understand the tax systems and the income slabs that you can expect for an expat in Italy.

The most critical topic for convincing you to take a decision on relocating to Italy is nothing but the salary you would eventually earn. And most of the employers would be sharing with you the Gross number. So, make sure you are aware of the new income tax exemptions and regimes for expatriates in Italy.

Once you are in the country, the next step is to find your dream home in Italy. By now, as with any expat in Italy, I am sure you are aware of the red tape culture of Italians. The same goes for the contract for renting houses too. You have short term leases, long term, 4+4 leases, etc.

Rentals with the apartment expenses included, not included, with or without the heating expense, taxes for the waste management, etc. It is not only about the house contract, but you should also make sure you get a house with no legal issues.

Make sure you check & collect the documents related to the house like the certificates for the gas connections, electricity connections, house plans, etc.

You may be wondering if I mistook the renting of the house for the buying. Right?

No, I did not.

Because the process to renew your Permesso di Soggiorno in Italy is so complicated for an expat in Italy, especially when you need to bring in your family members. The most critical document under such conditions is the “Idoneita Abitativa“. And to get this document you should have all the certified documents of the home you have rented ready.

You can also keep knocking the doors of the owners when in time of need. But, it would be wiser to get it done before. And that is exactly why I mentioned to check these and collect it when you rent a house in Italy.

Once you found your dream home, it is time to furnish the home. This article should help you find the tips and best practices for sourcing and buying the furniture and other items necessary for the household.

Finding the right source is very important to save the hard-earned money. And it is time to know the Cost of Living in Italy, so you can plan it accordingly.

Once you know the cost for the day to day activities and other expenses, it would be very easy to plan your stay in Italy. Remember, saving costs not only depends on the quality of the products you buy, but also on the shop from where it is bought.

Not just in Italy, but in most European countries, taking a taxi ride is a bit expensive. So, good knowledge about Public Transport would be very handy in saving the costs. Cities like Milan have excellent public transport.

If as an expat in Italy, you are staying in big cities, you will not feel the need for owning a car. But if you are in remote locations, then owning a car is a must. In Italy, buying the car is much easier than getting your Italian driving license.

make sure you read my article to win your own Italian driving license easily and quickly. Even if you have no plan to buy a car, it would greatly help during your vacation in Europe to rent a car.

Believe me, you can never have sufficient days of vacation to visit all the gems of Italy. Expat in Italy, especially around Milan is lucky. Because with just few hours of the drive they can make plenty of memorable one-day visits from Milan.

You can also visit the beaches like Camogli, San Remo, etc in just a day’s visit. Or stay in Rapallo to visit the Portofino for the weekends.

Whatever you do, you will have plenty of choices to choose from.

Good luck with the voyage!!!